DEC 6, 2017
Fundir screened at Open Eye Series, Northampton, MA

NOV 25, 2017
Salar screened at Good Night's Sleep Screening Series, Northampton, MA

OCT 8-21, 2017
Work included in a symposium on Harun Farocki's work hosted by the Harun Farocki Institut, Berlin, as part of the presentation "Borders in a Single Shot". The presentation examines Farocki’s method used in "Labor in a Single Shot" under a new context of in which "interpretations, perspectives, and metaphors parallel, cross paths and collide with one another".

"THIS IS REVOLTING" BOOK IS OUT! A full color, 64 page, physical manifestation of, an open call and online exhibition that I created following the election in November 2016. Book made in collaboration with artist and book designer, Chase Carter.

Full Color
68 Pages
6" x 9"
Self-published first edition, April 2017.

All proceeds go to ACLU Nationwide and Planned Parenthood Action.